revenged activates the actual action of revenge, as demonstrated in "Hamlet" and "The Revenger's Tragedy," however, we may be in doubt when cataloguing their actions as logical and premeditated (Vindice) or full of incertitude and hesitance.

Indeed, in my opinion, it is an important note to be made, as the originality of each main character is not determined as much by their underlying motivation, common in both cases, but by the road that takes them to their revenge action. In this sense, it seems useful to emphasize that, despite the obvious similarities between the two plays and the two main characters, driven by the fact that they both belong to the revenge genre, there are differences worth noting in each approach towards revenge for each play in part.

Both plays share the same underlying motivation for Hamlet and Vindici: someone close has been treacherously murdered. In Vindici's case, it was...
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