This article is of value to the present research for its identification of some critical research promoting the integration of vocabulary acquisition strategies into more traditional modes of language development instruction.

Laufer, B. & Rozovski-Roitblat, B. (2011). Incidental vocabulary acquisition: The effects of task type, word occurrence and their combination. Language Teaching Research, 15(4), 391-411

This article by Laufer & Rozovski-Roitblat (2011) adds to the recurrent discussion -- often featuring contributions from Laufer -- regarding task differentiation and its impact on learning patterns among ESL students. The article here considers that a combination of learning task orientation and the degree of occurrence of a targeted term can be assessed in evaluating the effectiveness of certain teaching strategies in producing longterm retention. According to the study, in the methodology and data-gathering processes, "learners were exposed to 60 target words, 10 words in each condition during a 13-week course of study, and...
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