Bed and Breakfast Business Plan

Targeted Area

The area where I would suggest a bed and breakfast is somewhere in the region known as the Hill Country in central Texas. The Hill Country is noted for its scenery. It begins just north of Austin, continues to San Antonio and extends to the west. The suggested road trip in National Geographic begins in San Antonio, goes though Bandera, Kerrville, Fredericksburg, Enchanted Rock, Johnson City, and New Braunfels, then returns to San Antonio (Kelly, 2012). It has a number of noted restaurants, dance halls, antique shops, picturesque vistas, state parks, and bars, with a German flair reflecting some of the earlier settlers in the area.

Specifically, I would target an area just outside of San Marcos, which is off of the suggested route for the road trip, but firmly in the area known as the Hill Country. San Marcos is close to...
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