, 2010).

The Long Magenstrasse with pyloroplasty as functional Gastric Bypass (LMGBP) procedure is that such surgery. This surgery has been found to reduce the occurrence of side effects connected with gastric restrictive and malabsorptive surgery, particularly on quality of life and long-term nutritional insufficiency. This surgery has shown to result in significant weight loss, together with its moderate surgical risk, very low complication profile, and the satisfaction of patients. This suggests that is might be a feasible advance in bariatric surgical technique. This procedure can be employed to advantage and perhaps may be preferable to the technically more complex RYGBP, which is not without nutritional-metabolic side effects (Vassallo, 2010). The goal is to limit the nutritional deficiencies as much as possible.

In a study done by Vassallo et al. (2010), the researchers set out to confirm that patients undergoing LMGBP had safe and effective weight loss with conjunction with...
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