Non-Pharmacological Pain Relief With Childbirth

Dealing with aging dementia patients can be a challenge in and of itself. However, when healthcare providers need to include regulating pain as well, the challenge becomes even greater. Pain management with cognitively impaired patients is a constant problem within geriatric care in modern healthcare facilities (Zwakhalen et al. 2006). The reduced self capacity to report pain in its true degrees then makes pain management a challenge for physicians and healthcare providers (Husebo et al. 2007). Thus, research aims to explore effective measures for observing and reporting pain management within aging dementia patients.

Horgas et al. (2009) is an in-depth examination of the various factors that can be used to report pain within these specific groups of patients. The journal is from the American Geriatrics Society, and thus is clearly peer-reviewed. It is a thorough examination into how dementia patients report their own pain, as...
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