Akhtar-Danesh, et al., examines the parents' perceptions on why children become obese, on how obesity impacts a child's health, and the challenges involved in preventing a child from becoming overweight and/or obese.

Parents' perceptions and attitudes on childhood obesity: AQ-methodology study

In the abstract the authors discuss how this research was planned and put together. The parents that were utilized in this study -- thirty-three parents who were at a healthcare clinic to have wellness check-ups for their babies -- were placed into groups with two classifications that reflected two different viewpoints. One was, "…confident in delivering healthy nutrition"; and the second viewpoint was "family physical activity focuses" (Akhtar-Danesh, 2011, p. 67). The point of the research was based on the need to find out what parents believe is right when it comes to the issue of good health for their children -- in particular, what weight is okay for...
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