Crisis Communications for Globecell

Selection of Communications Channels

Effects on the Brand, Customers and Broader Business Environment

Online Strategy Definition

Recommendations and Future Direction

In any public relations crisis it is best to always err on the side of safety for customers first, seeking to re-establish credibility and win back the trust lost. Credibility is the currency that crises are paid for with (Duke, Masland, 2002). Trust has to be earned and kept to win back the confidence of customers, and that is the objective of this crisis communications plan for Globecell. As social networks are amplifying and at times exaggerating the severity of this issue, industry analysts, bloggers and industry influencers need to be contacted and debriefed on this crisis. Prior to that however, a thorough investigation of how key components from suppliers made it through quality assurance and supplier audits needs to be completed. It is the intention...
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