Yu-Wha-Bhan-Did Kindergarten Business Model

Priority customers

The Kindergarten is targeted for children (both genders; any race) who range between the ages of 3 and 6. Obviously, since the preschool is located in the village of Master Home in Thailand, it is primarily for Thai children living in that village and living, more specifically, in the Pra-Tum-Thani region.

Many of the young prospects are students with parents or guardians who have tight work schedules leaving them room for possibly just accompanying their children to and from school.

Aside from the regular children who will need kindergarten, the school is also geared towards those who simply need some 'brushwork' work accomplished or some reinforced teaching methods.

Yu-Wha-Bhan-Did Kindergarten in effect, caters to two classes of students:

Those who are 'regular students' attending the kindergarten whole day and all its classes in a standardized manner

Those who are ad hoc attending classes that...
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