Prison Life and Recidivism

Generally, recidivism in the justice system context entails the tendency amongst former prisoners or criminals to go back to their criminal lives mainly upon release from prison. In this case, recidivism rates are measured by having a look at the number of former prisoners re-incarcerated within a given time period. It can be noted that in basic terms, high recidivism rates are in most cases associated with increased costs of re-offender arrest and prosecution. Other related costs in this case relate to public safety. In this text, I will concern myself with prison life and the approaches/strategies to bring down the rate of recidivism upon a prisoner's release from jail.

The Purpose for Prisons in the U.S. Justice System

Prisons have an existing obligation enshrined in the constitution to avail to inmates a minimal standard of care. However, it is important to note that in relation...
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