Corrections Accreditation and Privatization

In recent times, the field of corrections has been seeking to address quite a number of emerging issues as a result of a wide range of catalysts including but of course not limited to privatization and accreditation. In this text, I explore a number of issues to do with corrections accreditation and privatization.

Corrections Accreditation

According to Stinchcomb (2011), corrections accreditation can be taken to be "an official recognition that a correctional program or facility has met certain national standards following an on-site audit." In the United States, the body charged with corrections accreditation is the American Correctional Association (ACA). As Stinchcomb (2011) notes, just as is the case with universities and hospitals or other organizations seeking to enhance their performance levels, the relevance of accreditation for corrections cannot be overstated.

In regard to how the development (professional) of corrections officers is impacted on by corrections...
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