Computer Security Analysis

Security Analysis

Managing security strategies for an enterprise requires intensive levels of planning and integration across each of the functional area, in conjunction with synchronization across departments, business units and divisions (Bellone, de Basquiat, Rodriguez, 2008). Enterprise Security Management strategies continue to become part of the overall strategic plans of an enterprise, supporting each strategic initiative and its related tactics to ensure profitable growth (Bellone, de Basquiat, Rodriguez, 2008). The aspects of intrusion detection, web security, deterring and defeating hackers, and the development and execution of an effective security strategic plan is the purpose of this analysis.

Defining A Framework for Enterprise Security Management

Developing an effective framework for managing security needs to begin with an analysis of an organizations' data availability, confidentiality and data integrity needs overall (Bellone, de Basquiat, Rodriguez, 2008). This is often defined as an Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) strategic plan or...
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