Nursing Leadership

Philosophy of nursing leadership

Nursing leadership: Philosophy

When nursing was first conceptualized of as a profession, it was often defined in terms of its 'helping' capacity for doctors as well as patients. Today, however, nurses have been increasingly called upon to fulfill leadership roles as managers, and also to assume many of the tasks once performed by physicians. "Leadership does not rest merely with administrators and high-level managers, but also can be developed and implemented at the bedside. Nursing has a responsibility to encourage and support new members of the profession, as they become competent clinicians. Nursing must also make them competent leaders" (Valentine 2002). Mentorship of younger nurses, leading by example at all levels of the organization, and creating a culture of accountability and responsibility are the cornerstones of fostering an environment that promotes leadership amongst nurses, regardless of the practice setting.

Mentoring: The cornerstone of the...
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