Death of a Salesman

Culture and Gender in Death of a Salesman

American culture is clearly changing. Yet, many within it are refusing to adapt, and are continuing to hold on to outdated middle class values that don't work within today's social context. This is Willy Loman. Arthur Miller presents a sad but realistic look at the destruction of the American Dream and middle class values within his work Death of a Salesman, which also upholds the antiquated gender stereotypes which seem to only quicken Willy Loman's fall into dismay.

There are a number of cultural conflicts present within the work. Essentially it shows the dismemberment and destruction of the middle class values of working hard that were created hundreds of years ago in a much different social space. Willy Loman is essentially a "salesman with delusions of grandeur, and was written more than 60 years ago, but it seems...
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