" Psychotherapy, for instance, would include treatment through talking. Furthermore, this would be divided by type of psychotherapy employed. Types include cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, psychodynamic psychotherapy, and psycho-education.

The second type of treatment approaches, medications would also include several medications varying in intensity and purpose. For instance, antidepressant medication would be prescribed for those suffering from depression associated with personality disorders. Mood-stabilizing medications would even out an individual's moods. Anti-anxiety medications would help with insomnia and antipsychotic medications would help with "losing touch" symptoms. Again, just as the type of psychotherapy varies, so do the medications needed, which vary by individual and by symptom.

The last resort in the case of treating personality disorders would be hospitalization or residential treatment, which would include a 24-hour inpatient care facility, which would help an individual dealing with a severe case of personality disorder, as well as which would come...
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