Banks in India are required to provide 40% of their net credit to other sectors like agriculture, retail trade, small scale industries and business.Net assets of the banking sector are held by private banks which holds 18.2%, 75% by public sector banks while the 6.5% are held by foreign banks.


China is the largest economic powerhouse of the BRIC countries by both population wise and GDP. It had an estimated foreign reserve of about $2 trillion in 2009. China has become a destination of choice to many multinationals keen to establishing a firm and solid manufacturing base for global competition. The economywatch (2010) describes that China's agricultural sector is driven by a sharp rise in the procurement and semi-privatization of agriculture. In 2010, the agriculture sector accounted for 10.9% of the total GDP while 48.6% and 40.5% came from industry and service sectors respectively.

China's total population totals to...
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