Soluble triggering receptor expressed on myeloid cells 1 (sTREM-1) were found to be a biomarker in cerebrospinal fluid during the presence of bacterial meningitis; however, it is not yet recommended for clinical practice (Brouwer et al., 2010). Blood cultures and skin biopsy have been used to detect causative pathogens in patients when cerebrospinal fluid cultures are negative or unavailable, but these tests are not definitive enough to be used as the standard diagnostic method (Brouwer et al., 2010). Improvements to blood culture and skin biopsy testing could result in a quicker, more cost effective diagnostic technique that is also safer for the patient.

Treatment Modalities

There are a variety of antibiotic regimens and therapies used for children with bacterial meningitis. Selecting the necessary antibiotic for treatment requires the assessment of its activity against the causative pathogen, its ability to penetrate the cerebrospinal fluid, and to determine the minimum antibiotic concentration...
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