Sociology -- Human Services

Leadership Theory and Process

A good leadership theory that can be applied to the problem of domestic violence is that of transformational leadership. This is a kind of leadership approach that leads to constructive changes in those who utilize it. Transformational leaders are usually lively, passionate and fervent. Not only are these leaders worried about and caught up in the process; they are also centered on assisting every person in the group to succeed (Cherry, 2011).

There are four dissimilar workings of transformational leadership:

Intellectual motivation -- transformational leaders not only confront the status quo; they also persuade ingenuity among those involved. The leader persuades those involved to discover new manners of doing things and new occasions to learn.

Individualized deliberation -- transformational leadership also entails providing support and encouragement to the people involved. In order to promote compassionate associations, transformational leaders keep the lines of...
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