For example, on page 247 he says in the "traditional male role" a "real man" is one who "wears the pants around the house." This is an old-fashioned concept and has little to do with a man being "sexist" except for the fact that the writer himself seems to have chauvinistic ideas about the man-woman genre.

Meanwhile, some of the arguments spelled out by Laurence Thomas have value, but others are completely innocuous. How can he say that "sexism" is "unlike racism" because it "lends itself to a morally unobjectionable description"? Both sexism and cultural bigotry are morally objectionable. Both are examples of the cultural confusion in our country.

Also, he could have taken the position that blacks are culturally biased against white people because many blacks were raised in families that don't trust white people. Blacks in some cases show hatred for whites in the same way whites show...
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