He advanced the NEP as the new economic strategy. (Tucker 1990)

Means for achieving power

Stalin used propaganda as the main tool for reaching out to the population. Therefore, he tried through every means possible to convince the people to follow his political ideas and to worship his personality.

He used manipulation to induce the population a completely new mentality and to erase any possible reminiscence of the old regime. This in turn reduced the working class to an atomized society, willing to submit to every order given by Stalin.

The political adversaries were a real threat for Stalin's goals. Therefore, he constantly persecuted, locked, or even killed them. This era, known as the Great Terror Era, saw most dissidents and those opposing the leader, parish at the hands of his regime. (Zuchlke 2006)


Joseph Stalin was the result of the era he lived in. The social, political, and...
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