Cereal eaters get more vitamins, minerals and fiber. They eat less fat and are less depressed, stressed and tend to be smarter than those who do not eat breakfast. Studies funded by the cereal industry listed benefits from eating breakfast. One of these was that student cereal-eaters got higher reading marks and had better mental health. Evidence showed that those with higher incomes and education levels have healthier breakfasts than those with less incomes and lower education levels. Cereals are not only low in fat and high in fiber but are fortified in vitamins and minerals. They make healthier diets and because cereals are most often eaten with milk (Liebman).

Article 5

Sufficient attention span is necessary for learning. Learning is a body and mind activity. The body, in turn, needs adequate and regular nourishment for proper brain function. A full day's diet is, hence, a basic requirement for the...
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