Bright 83)

The utilization of eminent domain has been used to evict individuals to build malls, concentrated housing projects for both the poor and the affluent, and business parks, all of which presumably have higher property tax bases and therefore better serve the community where they are built than the homes that were there previously.

Having recently received a grant award, in the amount of 500,000 from the ACLU, Homeowners' Freedom, a 501 C3 organization dedicated to the assertion of property rights to owners intends to establish a legal defense fund for individuals who have received less than just compensation for property under eminent domain rulings. The fund will be budgeted thusly, 100,000 will be dedicated to the initial research and development that will be required to establish the names of injured parties and to advertise the service and screen potential former property owners. The remaining 400,000 will be...
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