" (Alvarez, 2008) Alvarez states that upon investigation it has been found as follows:

GNEP is a rush, ill-conceived, poorly supported and technically and economically risky expansion and redirection of the nuclear industry;

Even if the unproven technologies are shown to be viable, GNEP also has the potential to inhibit the adoption of more reasonable solutions to global climate change by diverting resources into an unproven and, most likely, a prohibitively expensive nuclear option;

GNEP also would increase the danger of nuclear proliferation and the potential for weapons grade materials falling into the hands of hostile or unstable nations and terrorist groups; and GNEP will likely worsen the radioactive waste disposal problem and would also make the United States the dumping ground for nuclear wastes from the other participating nations. (Alvarez, 2008)


The work of Makower, Pernick and Wilder entitled: "Clean Energy Trends 2008" states...
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