Tobacco use or cigarette smoking is also linked to the development of colorectal cancers most especially after more than 35 years of smoking. but, there is no biological explanation for this link.

Colorectal cancer is often incidentally found in screening procedures and may be completely asymptomatic. But approximately half of patients with colorectal carcinoma experience abdominal pain, this is the most common symptom. About 35% of patients have altered bowel habits, 30% with occult bleeding, and 15% with intestinal obstruction. For right-sided colon cancers, there is a tendency that they are larger and more likely to bleed, whereas left-sided tumors tend to be smaller and more likely to be obstructing.

Presenting symptoms of Colorectal Cancer vary with the anatomic location for the tumor. Stool is generally liquid and passes through the ileocecal valve into the right colon. Cancers arising in the cecum and ascending colon may become quite large but...
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