" (Norris, 2004)


Pollution prevention and reduction in the use of toxics and reduction in waste are greatly at focus for the Environmental Health and Safety Guidelines (2007) which are guidelines that can be specifically tailored to the established hazards and risks for each individual process depending upon the various factors that are applicable at each site. The Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) is a federal environmental law that regulates solid and hazardous wastes from being generated during disposal. Hazardous wastes are those that may ignite, that are corrosive or reactive and those which are toxic. (Ohio EPA, nd) Pollution prevention is also important in establishment of operation practices that are considered best practice as well in substitution of materials, and during process changes and recycling. (Ohio EPA, nd)

The three pillars of sustainable development are stated in the work of Norris (2004) to include those...
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