(2003) According to Gray, the current direction of surveillance in society is "toward omnipresence; more spaces are watched in more ways, capturing information about those within." (2003)


The work of Karsten Weber entitled: "The Next Step: Privacy Invasions by Biometrics and ICT Implants" relates that there are various forms of biometric recognition technology which are based on both physiological and behavioral characteristics which include those as follows: (1) Facial thermogram; (2) Hand geometry; (3) Iris scanning; (4) Retinal scanning; (6) Vein checking; (7) Gait recognition; (8) keystroke analysis; (9) mouse dynamics; (10) signature analysis; and (11) Voice verification. (2006) Weber states that furnishing real life space with "the advantages of ICT" is likely to result in life be "overridden by the disadvantages of infringements into our privacy..." (2006) Weber relates that while biometrics for protection of the elderly individual who is in bad health...
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