S. federal government: Unhappy with loss of 'face' in dealing with Japan internationally as well as revenue loss due to trade complications regarding agricultural products and other goods

California residents: Damaged by loss of revenue and possible trade war reducing choice

Step 6:Viable solutions from the above evaluations include:

Cold storage alone without the use of pesticides by far seems to be the most viable and natural solution, despite its long-term costs and somewhat inefficient storing methods during off-seasons. To placate growers concerns about costs, one possible measure might be to seek government assistance in building these facilities on the part of the growers, given the vital role the Californian agricultural community plays in maintaining good relations with Japan for continued U.S.-Japanese economic relationships. The increased interest in organic produce amongst American consumers and concern in Europe about 'frankenfoods' such as GMOs (genetically modified organism) might actually mean that a...
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