S., and convictions in many of those cases were based, at least partially, on this particular type of evidence used to connect suspects to bullet fragments associated with the crimes for which they were prosecuted. In some cases, such as that of Lee Wayne Hunt, imprisoned for 21 years for murder in North Carolina, conviction was based exclusively on this type of forensic evidence (Solomon, 2007) on the basis of which prosecutors connected Hunt to ammunition in the possession of a codefendant, establishing Hunt's guilt by virtue of the felony murder rule (Kobalinsky and Liotti, et al., 2005).

Comparative Bullet Lead Analysis and Violation of the Scientific Method:

In 1998, William Tobin, a recently retired FBI metallurgical specialist who had previously been credited with identifying the cause of high profile accidents like the 1996 crash of Flight 800 initiated a series of tests in conjunction with a metallurgist at the...
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