Danny ultimately becomes convinced of his entitlement to kingship, creating the core conflict in which he presumes an entitlement to pass laws and judgments, and to rule over the people of Kafiristan.

Peachey is angered by Danny's assumption of rulership. The two disagree strongly on a course of action, with the former desiring to return to Briton and the latter desiring to remain. They appear ready here to go their separate ways.

Roxana does not wish to marry Danny, fearing the consequences of marrying a god.

The natives find out that both men are actually mortal.

Important Places/Events

This takes place in British ruled India. Carnehan shows up at Kipling's news office looking deranged and homeless. Introducing himself to Kipling, he is quickly recognized. Carnehan sets the story in motion by beginning the narrative with the disclosure that he and his partner had years prior set out to modern day...
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