S." (Liu, 2008) the actual solution to the challenges facing the health care system in the United States is one that makes a requirement of three components:

implementing tort reforms; mandating the use of best practices; and driving systemic process improvement. (Liu, 2008)

This report states that the threat of litigation gets in the way of health care delivery in that is "causes providers to hide problems and engage in unnecessary procedures to avoid potential negative occurrences. If caregivers document mistakes, they are immediately exposed to litigation. Consequently, obfuscation and secrecy become the standard practice when confronted with errors. Quality issues are concealed and knowledge is suppressed, leading to the high likelihood that mistakes will be replicated." (Liu, 2008)

The answer in addressing quality issues and medical errors is a "system of health courts practice to the arbitration system utilized to address other complex issues requiring dispute resolution, such as...
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