In fact it is argued by many who fall into this caste category and their external proponents that attaching a word to the caste that implies that they are in some way weak and in need of protection is as damaging as suppressing their successes. (85)

The 'untouchable', to me, is, compared to us, really a Harijan - a man of God, and we are Durjan (men of evil). For whilst the 'untouchable' has toiled and moiled and dirtied his hands so that we may live in comfort and cleanliness, we have delighted in suppressing him. (Young India, August 6, 1931 [quoted in Gandhi 1933: 40-1])

Charsley 1)

Gandhi would likely have been hurt by the sentiment and rejection of the Harijan title, as the people he intended to elevate reject his reclassification of them as people of God. He would likely stress that the full intent of the terminology...
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