(Kimble; Hilgard; Marquis, 1961)

(c) Explain the role of reward and punishment in your selected learning situation of 'How to ride a Bike'

A lot of aversive events are there inclusive of withholding reinforcement i.e. extinction, removing a positive reinforces i.e. response cost and presenting an aversive event contingent on a behavior i.e. punishment. The same variables that influence the effectiveness of reinforcement also influence the effectiveness of punishment, inclusive of the immediacy with which a negative event follows a behavior, the intensity of the event, and the schedule of punishment. It is important to comprehend that punishment constitute an inescapable aspect of life which individuals tend to learn through both punishing consequences and positive consequences. For instance in the selected learning situation of how to ride a bike, if the learner is not watching where he is going, he will sustain a fall which is a punishment for him....
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