" (Franklin, 2006, p.1) Assessed are personality factors and an attempt is made to determine which parents is closer to the children on a psychological level.

The children are evaluated as well in an examination that involves the psychological assessing he emotional connection of the child to each of the child's parents. As well the psychologist examines whether the children appear to have any psychological problems of a significant nature. School adjustment is examined as well are any behavioral problems at school and as well an examination is conducted regarding the child's involvement in school, the effects of the extended family and any stepfamily issues. Finally, the psychologist assesses whether the parents will be able to work cooperatively for the child's best interests. (Franklin, 2006, paraphrased)

The work of Mart (2006) entitled: "Getting Started in Forensic Psychology Practice" relates that the child custody evaluation typically includes the use of the...
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