Healthcare Delivery Systems Annotated Bibliography

In the peer-reviewed article and research study Seamless Healthcare Delivery Systems (Parnaby, Towill, 2008) is based on a research methodology that relies entirely on secondary research including a comprehensive literature review of healthcare delivery systems performance. The audience for the paper are healthcare professionals including physicians managing medical groups, Chief Administrative and Chief Operation officers of large-scale medical networks and system and process analysts who must make systems integrate with each other to attain a higher level of organizational effectiveness (Parnaby, Towill, 2008).

The article's content and focus is on the role of collaboration and shared knowledge management across diverse medical systems and medical process workflows (Parnaby, Towill, 2008). There is an abundance of analysis based on theoretical concepts from cited studies, and there is also a series of conclusions drawn on how to make the most out of seamless healthcare systems.

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