Daycare Business Plan

NJ Daycare Inc. is a small provider of daycare services, organized as a sole proprietorship. The industry is large, but highly fragmented, and most businesses have only 1 or 2 employees, and revenues of around $54,000 annually. This daycare will be similar to the ones already existing in the industry, but catering to evenings and extended hours, a subset of the overall daycare market. The state has many different licensing requirements, and it is believed that our daycare will meet all of these requirements for obtaining a license.

Mission Statement

NJ Daycare Inc. aims to provide the highest quality daycare service, combining a stimulation, education-forward environment with convenience and low cost for parents, in its mission to be the best daycare in northern New Jersey.


The daycare industry is large but highly fragmented. The market research company IBIS World (2014) estimates the size of the market...
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