Whistle Blowing

Introduction and History of Whistle Blowing

Whistle blowing is the revealing of immoral, illegal or illegitimate deeds to authorities. The authorities may be insiders or from outside the affected organization. Many cases of whistle blowing involve people revealing information to outsiders especially media organizations or pressure groups about an act they consider to be irresponsible, irregular or illegal (Robbins, 1993).

Cases of whistle blowing have increased dramatically in the recent past but the practice began way back in the 1970s (Shimabukuro & Whitaker, 2012). Scandals involving big corporations and that have led to the collapse of such organizations such as WorldCom and Enron among others come to mind (Minks, 2010). The U.S. Federal government has since enacted several statutes tailored at dealing with the problem.

This paper therefore aims at discussing these laws. Three whistle blowing cases involving the government and another three involving corporations will also be...
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