5% of pre-tax profits donated to community social and environmental organizations through the Ben & Jerry's Foundation. In addition, Unilever will contribute another $5 million to the foundation and create a $5 million fund to help minority-owned businesses" (2000, 22).

Clearly, the company enjoys a wide range of product lines that can be positioned according to the cultural preferences in a given region as well as less easily defined attributes such as the "feel-good" aspects of purchasing some Chunky Monkey by Ben & Jerry's. All that would remain for savvy marketers would be to segment their various markets accordingly and position these labels where they will enjoy the best sales against their several competitors without diminishing the sales of their own other ice cream brands and these issues are discussed further below.

Unilever's competitors and how their company culture and/or strategic approach would be viewed by the strategists at Unilever....
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