Aesthetics generally were reserved for art. I find the proposition that nursing is also an art form rather charming.

In their newest work (2008), Chinn and Kramer added emancipatory knowing to the other four ways of knowing in the profession. This means that a critical element is added to the way in which nurses work with their clients. Social and structural changes are in order to change what is perceived as social and institutional shortcomings. Hence, nursing clients and the profession itself are emancipated as it were from social and institutional forces.

I believe that Chinn and Kramer's views in terms of the ways of knowing in the nursing profession are indeed accurate. They seem to effectively summarize not only the duties, but also the beautiful aspects involved in the nursing profession.

According to Patricia E. Zander (p. 9), Chinn and Kramer's model is an expansion of that instigated by...
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