Peak, Inc.

Is the resume limited to one page and does it include required sections (education, employment, skills/summary of qualifications section)?

No, it is a little longer than one page, but it does have all the requisite sections.

Is everything on the resume in the correct tense (past for past jobs, present for present jobs) and in parallel phrasing using action verbs?

Yes, the tense is correct and it contains parallel phrasing that uses action verbs.

Is the cover letter limited to one page and written to the specific job applied for (highlighting experience and why this person wants to work for that company/organization)?

Yes, the cover letter is one page long, but it could be more specific to the job opening.

Is the cover letter formatted as a business letter? (e.g. single spaced with only one space between paragraphs, no indentions for paragraphs, etc.)

Yes, the cover letter is...
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