Academic Writing and APA Style and Formatting

Academic Writing, APA Style, and Format

Sociology is among the disciplines that allow individuals to explore issues affecting the society and alternatives applicable in preventing or managing their occurrence (Lipson, 2006). While analyzing the social problems, academic writing, and critical thinking skills prove effective in promoting the realization and analysis of the presented sociological issues. Critical thinking entails considerate analysis, interpretation, and presentation of information related to the concept on various sociological issues. Conversely, academic writing guides individual writing when conducting an analysis and reporting the findings related to a sociological issue in focus (Michalopoulos, 2001). Combining critical thinking skills with academic writing result in the presentation of the sociological issue in focus in the required dimension that meets the needs of the involved stakeholders (Lipson, 2006). Therefore, it is with this that the following essay presents an analysis of causes of poverty...
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