What I did

I usually wear clean Nike sneakers (I have a white and a black pair) or cowboys boots (shined), well-pressed jeans and either a pullover shirt (a polo, or turtleneck under a sweater if it is cold out) or a long-sleeve dress shirt. For this project I let my beard grow for several days, I didn't brush my hair (so some was sticking up and looking wild rather than smooth), I wore a dirty old sweatshirt with holes (it was a sweatshirt / hoody with a faded Jack Daniels logo on the front) and with large stains and my pants were actually old pajama bottoms, tattered, that I had found in a box someone dropped off at a Goodwill store.

Rather than shoes, I wore a slipper on one foot and a paint-spattered flip-flop on the other foot, clearly seeming to be both homeless and confused, as...
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