Successful Strategy Execution

The Balanced Scorecard

A balanced scorecard is balanced precisely because it considers three major areas of performance: 1) The relationship between the company and the customer; 2) the key internal processes of the company; and 3) the learning and growth of the company. The dynamics that make the balanced scorecard a highly functional tool is that it enables linkage to be constructed between the short-term activities of the company to its long-term objectives. These linkages are established by the following: 1) translating and operationalizing the vision; 2) communicating and linking the day-to-day work of individuals with the overall company strategy; 3) business planning that interlocks the budgeting processes with long-term strategic planning in an integrated whole, and 4) feedback and learning enables a company to examine inferences, assumptions, and outcomes in order to adjust theories and decisions based on cause and effect relationships.

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