sexuality: Scholarly vs. popular media source comparison

Scholarly article

According to Roberts (et al. 2010), sexuality is becoming increasingly viewed as a commodity in the discourse of the western urban economy. Various terms that have been applied to this new emerging culture include 'striptease culture' and a 'pleasure-saturated culture' in which highly sexualized services and images such as lap-dancing have become mainstreamed and common (Roberts et al. 2010). Contrary to stereotypes that only lower-class women participate in the sex trade out of desperation, there has been a growing trend towards normalizing exotic dancing and other once-fringe aspects of the sex industry. For example, some students are resorting to sex work as a way of paying off exorbitant student loans. Previous studies have found that mitigating factors to students entering the sex industry include "family support, boyfriends, body image, self-confidence, and a lack of knowledge of (how to enter) the sex...
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