Business Ethics -- Robert Nardelli

Business Ethics: Robert Nardelli and Home Depot

Robert Nardelli became CEO of The Home Depot in 2000, despite the fact that he had no retail experience (Grow, 2008). He had previously been in management at General Electric, and he brought the Six Sigma style he had used there over to the home improvement retailer with plans to overhaul the company and completely change the culture of it (Terhune, 2007). He was successful in doing so. During his time as CEO of The Home Depot, he overhauled the entire company and greatly changed the entrepreneurial culture on which it had been built (Grow, 2008). At the time he took over, management was decentralized -- and he changed that by consolidating division executives and eliminating many of them (Weber, 2007). His leadership theory and style were clearly very different from what The Home Depot had when he...
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