Marketing -- Chapman's Ice Cream

Company Description: Chapman's Ice Cream

The Chapman Ice Cream story is a classic small business makes good tale. In a village near Georgian Bay of Markdale, Ontario, a Canadian couple bought a roughshod small creamy and began working on a dream to manufacture a quality ice cream delivered with small town personality. In 1973, David and Penny Chapman had two trucks, four employees, and a big idea. The primitive and cramped quarters above the creamery became the incubator for recipe development that would catapult Chapman's to the ranks of national favored flavors and the number one manufacturer of specialty ice cream in Canada.

In 2010, Chapman's Ice Cream employed 450 workers, but factory fire the year before caused them to build a new plant that -- at 15,000 square meters -- is roughly double the size of the original facility. The new plant cost approximately...
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