Walking in the Word

Evangelism is vital when it comes to walking in the Word. Every Christian has a duty to evangelize, but there are many different ways in which this can be done (Earley & Wheeler, 2010). Some denominations still go around, knocking on people's doors and trying to talk to whoever answers about Jesus. Most are met with resistance, and some with rudeness and even threatening behavior (McRaney, 2003; Whaley & Wheeler, 2011). This generally takes place because people do not like to be disturbed in their own homes. They want to be left alone, even if they do believe in Jesus, and they want to come to Christ or explore religion on their own terms (Earley & Wheeler, 2010). That can make things difficult for those who wish to evangelize, because they are uncertain how they can proceed if they continue to get turned away at...
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