Personality Theory

The objective of this study is to focus on two perspectives of personality theory and for this study chosen are the two of: (1) traits; and (2) psychodynamic. The limitations and weaknesses of each will be examined and a preference for one chosen and the reason provided.


The work of Johns, Robbins, and Pervin (2008) states in regards to the question of 'what does it mean to know a person?' that the way one knows another involves knowing what extent are the narratives related by a patient in clinical hours are best understood as: (1) a record, albeit an imperfect one, offered from one point-of-view, of something usually interpersonally insignificant that occurred in the patient's life; (2) an index of the patient's ways of experiencing the self and others ( a central aspect of personality); or (3) an index of the efforts of two people to come...
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