Business Information Systems: The Telecommunications Industry

The telecommunications technology that the world thrives in today is a direct consequence of the various improvements that have been made to various telecommunication equipments developed several centuries ago. It is these past accomplishments in the field of telecommunications that provided the framework for modern telecommunications technology, which is used in almost all aspects of human life today. Businesses, education, politics, entertainment, to mention but a few, all make use of telecommunication systems. It would be prudent, therefore, to explore a number of past accomplishments in this field.

Past Accomplishments in the Field of Telecommunication

Present-day technology's history could be traced back to 1832, with Samuel Morse's invention of the wire line telegraph (FHWA, 2005). It was, however, not until 1874, that real developments in the field of telecommunications began to be realized. In that year, Alexander Bell used Morse's information transfer ideology to...
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