J. Heinz Company

Strengths: it is short and concise; it is constructed in a formal means which also uses specialized language to promote the company's commitment to customers and employees.

Shortcomings: it lacks an introduction and it does not mention the well-being of other categories of stakeholders aside customers and employees

(5) Chevron

Strengths: offers detailed input on the company's visionary goals; includes several categories of stakeholders

Shortcomings: it is rather long and too detailer, creating as such the possibility for the reader to lose interest and not remember what he read; seems explicative and responsive to the criticism of environmental threats to which the company has been subjected.

Rank of vision statements from best to worst: I (4); II (1); III (2); IV (5); V (3)


Red Hat 2009 Annual Report, http://files.shareholder.com/downloads/RHAT/763006950x0x304106/3145E646-AE56-4FE1-9C59-B79F4491C4C5/FY09_Annual_Report_on_Form_10-K.pdf last accessed on November 2, 2009

2009, Red…...
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