Road Not Taken by Robert Frost

There is a copious amount of symbolism found within the poem by Robert Frost entitled "The Road Not Taken." An analysis of the imagery and the symbolism within this poem indicates that the subject of this poem is not really about a walk in the woods. Instead, a thorough analysis of the aforementioned literary conventions as well as the author's diction reveals that this poem is actually about longing, regret, and a touch of sorrow related to an unnamed, important life-changing decision.

The interpretation of this poem mentioned in the thesis in the introductory paragraph is largely based around the notion that the roads symbolize paths in life. Literally, the two roads that the narrator of this poem is looking at are divergent pathways in the woods. Figuratively, however, they symbolize the points of divergence that one's life takes after making life-altering decisions. This...
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