Mexico in 1908 From a Business Consultant's Perspective

What was it like to take a business trip to Mexico City in 1908? Culturally, and politically, it would certainly be eye-opening for an American filing reports from Mexico during that time period, since the U.S. democracy was very solid, the Industrial Age was well into its launch and workers were beginning to make decent money. A variety of sports, recreational activities, making money and raising families were the big topics for discussion with neighbors over the back fences of America.

Meantime, what a business consultant would see, in terms of the social and popular climate in Mexico City, was quite different. As for the general social climate, which of course has an effect on business, the Mexican people were deeply steeped in the Spanish-inspired bullfighting rituals. Mexicans were also in love with the American game of baseball, horseracing was a growing...
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